– Inquired about the main password software Left in the beginning of the election campaign, Biedroń pointed out that one of the priorities for the committee will be health.

It advocates for the refugees so that aid was granted in camps outside the EU, which is more in line with the government line. Also spoke in favor of maintaining the EU sanctions imposed on Russia in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. Presenting the nomination for Petrziczka, Zeman expressed the hope that it will contribute to coherence in foreign policy. « If the Czech policy is to have meaning, it must be united » – said the Czech president. (PAP) The principle of time changes from winter to summer in force in Poland for 40 years. PSL project concerning the elimination of this rule, the Commission recently endorsed Administration and Home Affairs. According to the assumptions of the PSL summer time would apply throughout the year, starting in October 2018 the first year. « Already at the next meeting of the Sejm, after All Saints, will be the second reading of our bill, and it shows that the unity of the Polish parliament, however, is possible – it’s keep and during the vote, » – said the president also PSL.zobacz: EU Parliament PSL Europe raises the question of change of time « He also stressed that the opinion of the Analysis Parliamentary clearly says that the bill PSL is compatible with European law and in line with the constitution – EU Member States have the right to decide whether they want to change the time. Where a Member State changes the time, it must be done the same day as the other kraje.Władysław Kosiniak- Kamysz also spoke about the negative aspects relate

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