Now let’s see what you’ll find online

Now let’s see what you’ll find online

On line advice

We have all an advice although not every advice is very good:

Let’s explore what’s away there….

I want to copy paste two messages and let discuss about any of it:

Background: She indicated she had been an engineer.

My name’s Mike. That’s cool that you’re an engineer!

Sometimes I’m surprised at bridges…i am talking about, they’ve been supporting multiple automobiles all day long…we should really have nationwide Bridge Day, or even nationwide Engineer time will be better. Nationwide Bridge Day means Starbucks will be saturated in 65-year old females putting on white, thin, doily blouses, consuming coffee sharp, swapping the day-to-day gossip.

Background: She posted a video featuring among those flash that is dancing.

My name’s Mike. I’ve never understood flash mobs.

I am talking about, when there’s a flash fire, it takes place rapidly, with extremely small preparation. Flash mobs, on the other hand, seem to my naked eye, immaculately prepared and arranged.

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