Do I Tell My Directly Buddy We Have a Crush on Him?

Do I Tell My Directly Buddy We Have a Crush on Him?

Today: Do we inform my right buddy We have a crush on him? Plus, I’m a bisexual mormon virgin.

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Dear Pigeon Guts: I’m 17-year-old having a crush that is huge one of my right friends, also it’s actually having a cost on me personally. I’m sure I can’t and it’s really bugging me that I should just ignore my feelings and move on, but. He knows I’m homosexual, since do our entire group of buddies, and he’s cool with it (we spend time regularly). I don’t genuinely wish to mess things up for me to get over this is to just tell him between us, but I feel like the best way.

I’m a senior in senior high school and he’s a junior, and beside me going down to university next 12 months, We figured that i may aswell make sure he understands the way I feel and wish so it won’t prove badly.

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