Gabby Rivera Wishes Queer Brown Girls to Feel Seen

Gabby Rivera Wishes Queer Brown Girls to Feel Seen

Gabby Rivera’s YA novel follows Juliet Palante, a Puerto Rican teenager through the Bronx, that is reckoning along with her feminism and queerness. After developing to her family, she would go to Portland to be always a summer time intern on her behalf favorite feminist writer, Harlowe Brisbane. Juliet thinks this is the summertime that responses every one of her concerns and teaches her just how to navigate life.

Juliet has a breathing permits Juliet to master, be free, and resist all in the exact same time. As soon as we read Juliet’s page to Harlowe, filled with curse terms and jokes as well as the term pussy, we knew I’d have wonderful time figuring away whom Juliet is, and who she’d be.

Gabby Rivera is a queer, Puerto Rican journalist through the Bronx. She composed the solamente show AMERICA in regards to the activities of America Chavez, Marvel’s Latina that is first queer superhero. Rivera has additionally been called a premier comic creator by SyFy system, and something of NBC’s #Pride30 Innovators.

We chatted to Gabby Rivera about how precisely white feminism won’t save brown people, reckoning with Evangelical Christianity, and thriving being a liked, supported adult that is queer.

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