The “Problem” with Male Virginity :Virgin Anxiety

The “Problem” with Male Virginity :Virgin Anxiety

On Monday, we chatted just a little in regards to the culture that is toxic masculinity and exactly how it hurts males. Today, i wish to begin the discussion to greatly help dismantle it. And something of the finest places to begin is explore intercourse. Especially: male virginity additionally the pity in maybe maybe maybe not sex that is having.

One of several items that I’ve seen show up again and again when you look at the aftermath associated with Elliot Rodger shooting could be the quantity of guys – guys of literally all ages – speaing frankly about the pity and discomfort to be a virgin that is male. They talk about feeling broken or unworthy, that they’ve missed some type of available time period where they might lose their virginity now they’re (metaphorically) screwed. It feels as though everyone knows – like you’ve been branded by a huge V.

“Weeeee know your seeeecreeet.”

Needless to say, because they’re therefore anxious about being an “older” virgin – where “older” can range anywhere from 15 to 50 – which they can’t bring on their own to share with you it.

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