U.S. Citizen Marrying a Foreigner or Immigrant – FAQs

U.S. Citizen Marrying a Foreigner or Immigrant – FAQs

As being a U.S. resident or permanent resident, you are liberated to marry an international nationwide or non-citizen immigrant – but you’ll have to think about immigration regulations to go your brand-new spouse into the U.S. forever.

In the event that you, as an usa citizen, opt to marry an individual from a different country, you most likely have actually concerns about this man or woman’s legal rights underneath the U.S. immigration guidelines. A number of the more questions that are common addressed below.

Can We Marry a citizen that is non-u.s?

Yes, you can easily marry anybody you prefer, unless it takes place to break regional laws and regulations. Some U.S. states, for instance, do not recognize a married relationship between close family relations or individuals under a specific age. But situations that are such uncommon. The individuals immigration status (appropriate or perhaps not) doesn’t have bearing on whether your wedding shall be thought to be appropriate.

Am I able to Marry My Gay or Lesbian Partner (regarding the sex) that is same?

Yes, at the time of 2013, if the U.S. Supreme Court overturned an item of federal legislation called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex marriages are addressed like most other wedding for federal immigration legislation purposes. However you will nevertheless must make sure that homosexual wedding is legitimately recognized within the state or nation where it occurred. This would never be an issue, because the supreme court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that no state may ban same-sex wedding. You need to provide a government-issued certificate of the wedding included in the immigrant’s application for U.S.

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