Bedroom Bondage DIY Metal Ring Anchor Points

Bedroom Bondage DIY Metal Ring Anchor Points

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In the event that you actually, really should connect your companion to your bed, however your bed-frame generally seems to lack any natural anchors so that you could connect them to, this solution with metal bands is just one of the better approaches we have tried, and simply might resolve your condition.

The Steamybedtime kingsize is made from a rather hefty wood framework, completely upholstered in black colored leather-based. It is a wonderful sleep, appears great, solidly built, and has now shown it self with the capacity of withstanding some action that is vigorous! But, its smooth leather-based finish means there aren’t any bed-posts or headboard features that might offer tie that is natural points for rope, and for connecting handcuffs.

If you prefer this kind of room bondage up to we do, you can also like our article: Real Handcuffs vs Furry Handcuffs. With some up close photos, we explore just exactly how and exactly why we made the change to « real » handcuffs.

Clearly, to be able to connect your lover to your sleep is a fairly fundamental requirement, but many furniture shops don’t appear to provide this enough consideration when making their products or services.

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