Their dream: Her along with other males. Is it man the real deal?

Their dream: Her along with other males. Is it man the real deal?

His dream: Her along with other males. Jump to discuss opinions below

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In this month’s Sexploration, our brand new columnist, Brian Alexander, reacts to a lady who is wondering if her spouse’s fantasy is for genuine, offers some guidance up to a man that is young their very first time, and tackles a concern by another audience whom’s enthusiastic about learning more about prostate therapeutic therapeutic massage. Have a question that is intimate? To email us, follow this link.

Q: my better half of 13 years has started to show fantasies that are sexual i will be too embarrassed to inquire of friends about. Whether I would be interested in sleeping with them again while he has always been interested in my sexual history (I’m 39 and he’s 40), lately he’s been wanting me to tell him details about sex with previous partners, including their penis size, and. He additionally states I am wanted by him to possess affairs and wish to view or at least have me explain the knowledge to him during our lovemaking. He states he does not have any particular males in head; he appears to simply enjoy considering me personally resting along with other dudes.

I will be worried for many reasons. First, he frequently requires me personally to speak about intercourse along with other males to enable him to climax. 2nd, I stress me to see other men, and if so, what that means for my marriage that he really is serious about wanting.

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